Complete beginner to C++?

If you are completely new to programming in C++ or any programming language at all, this is the right place to start. To help you through navigating this site, I’ve complied a beginner’s guide. Kind of like a quick start guide to jump start your learning.

1. Setting up a project in Visual Studio

2. 4 Major Fundamental concepts of programming Part #1 Variables 

3. 4 Major Fundamental concepts of programming Part #2 Control Structures 

4. 4 Major Fundamental concepts of programming Part #3 Data Structures

5. 4 Major Fundamental concepts of programming Part #4 Syntax

6. The importance of code documentation 

7. Conquering frustrating programming problems 


The top resources for C++ programming language

Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

Microsoft Visual Studio – My IDE of choice. Why? Because it is a very modern IDE that is easy to understand with a wide range of online support. It is awesome with finding programming errors with it’s errors and debugging tools and it will show you exactly which line your problem is located.

A helpful productivity tool when using Microsoft Visual Studio

Visual Assist X – This very helpful tool can help you write code faster with it’s coding assistance and it can quickly generate the code you are going to write. If your a complete beginner, Visual Assist X is a perfect add on for you learn programming faster.

Where to get help when your stuck on a programming problem

Stack over flow – The beauty with Stack overflow is that all you have to do is ask your question, and there will be thousands of programmers who will help you fix the root of the problem. To get your problem solved faster, attach your code to your question, so it can be analysed and they might even give you tips to improve your code design.

When you’re a beginner, it would be wise to search for your problem first because if you ask a question, chances are, there is already someone who are experienced the same problem as you. – Over 150,000 registered members and over 230,000 Topics in the forum. Every language has a dedicated help forum, ranging from simple problems to very complex problems.

IT Hare – An excellent blog with informative posts on programming languages. Things expressed on this website cannot be found in books.

Learning the C++ programming language

C++ Better Explained – The ultimate beginner’s resource to break down learn the C++ programming language in plain English. If you have spent hours and hours struggling to C++ with other bland books and resources, get this book now to finally understand C++.

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