Reviews - C++ Better Explained


Reviews and Testimonials of  C++ Better Explained

“Sahil great book, well set out. The diagrams are what sets your book apart. Different learning styles require different approaches. Lines and lines of code mean nothing to someone who is a visual learner. Your diagrams make understanding much easier for visual learners. It is the initial first steps where someone either gives up or continues. ” – Michael Heenan

“No fluff, just the facts, done neatly. No confusion, direct, to the point and with good examples to see, understand, and remember. Good job, please continue to write books. Thanks” – Linda G Lesselyoung

“I would say for a beginner guide for C++, this is the book. I wanted to learn because I was engaged with a project that required this programming. I was lucky to get this book. It has good guide for beginner and I learnt alot from it. Thanks” – Sharon Gielen

“I have the book now and it’s great. I’ll be sending some friends your way” – Bruce Franklin

“Great book, really learning a lot about C++” – Scott Cleveland 

“I followed your C++ Better Explained tutorials. You are awesome bro. Better than my phD lecturers.” – Vidura Adikari

“I really love your 5 programming tips, they are really good. I never though about typing out the example code anyways if I thought I understood it. Really makes sense” – Ronald Wills

“Highly recommended & it’s concise, to the point and really comprehensible to learn a lot of topics with examples..great course for beginners in C++. If you don’t have a lot of time and want to know core concepts of C++ than this is exactly the course for you.” – Khan Sami

“I have watched your online videos which are awesome” – Fayz Sarfraz

“Just saw your first lesson video and just though of this. You’re awesome Thanks. – Robert Martinez

“Good introduction to C++. Would have liked a little more detail.” – Larry Zawacki