Do you need to go to college to learn programming

A major question asked by people who are new to programming is the question, “do you need to go to college to learn programming”? The short answer is absolutely not. Some of best programmers in the world such as John Carmack (creator of Doom and Quake) and Bill Gates lack a college degree because they self-taught themselves. When you are learning a programming language on your own, you can set the speed on how fast you want to learn it. People who learn programming themselves instead of going to college are usually the ones who actually enjoy it the most.

The advantages of self teaching is when you are learning to write code yourself, you gain a lot of reference experiences and practical knowledge. The disadvantage of learning a programming language on your own is that you won’t have support of a professor or tutors to ask questions on concepts you don’t understand, which will lead to spending some time researching online for solutions with code errors.

The advantage of learning programming in college is that you will develop theoretical knowledge of how the concepts in the language work and how to properly design the code. You will be able to immediately get help from a professor and tutors on concepts you don’t understand and obtain feedback on how to improve your programming skills.

The disadvantage of college includes how well the quality of the professor is. Some are excellent at teaching programming and others are not so great. A dull teacher that barely explains the concepts properly well will make learning a programming language more harder and time consuming. In the end, self learning and college has its advantages and disadvantages. As long as you know what your weak points are and are consistency trying to improve and build your skills, you are doing much better than most people.

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